I’m a HTML coder / frontend developer who codes frontend of all kinds of websites: from landing pages to online shops and services.

I can code HTML/CSS with my eyes closed, either with the use of Bootstrap or without it. I code cross-browser responsive layouts and test them with the latest versions of the most popular desktop and mobile browsers. Layouts can also be tested with IE 8 and below on demand.

If you’re looking for a coder, who can create a pixel-perfect HTML replication of a PSD – well, you’ve found one.

For fast and convenient coding I use SASS and LESS CSS pre-processors.

I can not only code HTML, but also integrate it with a CMS or a PHP framework: I created lots of themes for WordPress and several other CMS, worked with Twig and Smarty template engines, have experience with MVC frameworks such as FuelPHP and Kohana.

I’m a fan of CSS3 and HTML5 tricks: if something could be done without javascript, it should be done so. In cases when JS is needed I prefer jQuery.

As for version control, I use Git and Mercurial.


  • HTML5, CSS3;
  • Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3;
  • jQuery + PHP5;
  • Git, Mercurial;
  • WordPress, Joomla and number of other less popular CMS;
  • Twig, Smarty;
  • Kohana and FuelPHP frameworks.



Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Moscow
Economic Engineering Faculty, Tourism


School of Foreign Languages № 1862
English and French languages


Russian — native
English — I am a fluent speaker
French — basic knowledge

Work experience

October 2010 — December 2012
2 years 3 months

Бионика, Moscow, bionika.ru

Frontend developer

Responsible for coding frontend of the company’s websites via HTML, CSS and jQuery. Also took part in backend development of several widgets via PHP.
Most of the work was focused on medzapros.ru (medical information project) and pharmvater.ru (directory of retail pharmacy networks development).

Coded div-based cross-browser website templates compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE.

Created pixel-perfect HTML replication of PSD-designs, coded 2 total redesigns of medzapros.ru, used css-tricks in order to reduce javascript code.

Built slideshows, quizzes, alco-calculator, symptoms directory, events calendar, related news popup widgets with the use of jQuery and PHP.

Coded backend of slideshow widget and backend of widget which placed paid articles among usual articles via PHP (Kohana framework). Partly coded backend of quizzes and polls widget. Built admin interfaces of these widgets.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Kohana PHP framework, Twig template engine, Photoshop.


February 2010 — August 2010
7 months

Ланта-тур Вояж, Moscow

HTML coder

Coded div-based cross-browser website templates compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE. Coded new website pages and refactored the old ones to meet up to date HTML and CSS standards. Worked on redesign of the company’s websites – coded pixel-perfect layouts from PSD-designs.

Worked closely with backend developers to replace old templates with the new ones.

Altered the frontend of embedded services (tickets booking and tours search) via CSS to make it fit the website design.

Improved the Djem CMS templates via jQuery and PHP.

Helped clerks to work with Djem CMS to ensure high-quality content management.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Djem CMS, Photoshop.


September 2008 — February 2010
1 year 6 months

ЕЛЕНА, Moscow, http://elenara.ru

Internet department clerk

Built numerous websites with ABO CMS, Host CMS, Joomla CMS and WebAsyst CMS.

Responsibilities included:
– creating div-based cross-browser (including IE 6-8) CMS templates;
– CMS installation and set up;
– altering CMS output via PHP to meet the requirements of customers;
– website content management;
– altering PSD-designs in Photoshop when needed;
– coding email newsletters;
– teaching customers to work with CMS, including foreigners – in English language.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Gimp; ABO CMS, Host CMS, Joomla CMS, WebAsyst CMS.


References available upon request.